Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I heart A.I.

Call me lame. Say I am sans a life. My Mom would be ashamed (conforming and all). But I heart American Idol. I was going to also blame it on the writer's strike. But I loved it last year too.

What's interesting, however is that I don't pick a favorite. Perhaps I couldn't stand the rejection if voted off. I do pick the ones I don't like. I don't have a list yet. This years batch is pretty dang impressive so far. We'll see.


Tice said...

I dunno, Sally. If I watch American Idol it's because of one of three reasons: a)It's the very beginning of a season. I do love to watch the screw-ups but even that gets old after one episode, 2) I can't find the remote and won't get me lazy arse off the couch, or c) I'm eating popcorn and I am too busy enjoying said snack to focus on changing the channel.

Will you still love me even if I don't heart A.I.?

natalie said...

We all have stoopid reality shows we love and discuss. A.I is not my thing but, call me if you want to talk about Girls Next Door, and Rock of Love. Holly is awesome!

My verification word is the best!
Drum roll please.... da, da, da, da....

april said...


Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

Nice. Thanks ladies. Way to be supportive. I was just expressing myself.