Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jibbitz: Much more than a fun word

Jibbitz are crocs decorations. Here's an example of a jibbitz decorated croc:

Now, in my opinion this shoe has too many jibbitz on it. My rule of thumb is 2 jibbitz per shoe (at most). No need to get carried away. 2 jibbitz per shoe is enough to catch the attention of any wiggly 2 year old.

Here is my current favorite jibbitz collection (I'm especially fond of beaker as I can do a great beaker impression).

And no, I don't have an autism jibbit because they were out out stock the last 2 times I ordered jibbitz.


natalie said...

I love that you're rockin' Beaker girlie!
ps, how could jo mamma throw away a perfectly good Thriller cassette tape? That wasn't necessary!

Peter Piper said...

Too yellow (ahem) to show a pic of your own Crocs?

Mexicutioner said...

Ehhh Sal-ly! ;) How you doin'?

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

@peter piper: More like too lazy to show my yellow crocs...maybe later

chaffinclan said...

I'm totally feelin' this muppets collection of jibbitz.

And someday I'm going to videotape your Beaker impression for the world (of blogland) to see. It's simply uncanny.

Lori said...

Under the High School Musical category there is a "Chad" jibbitz. What do you think girls? Should I wear it for all the world to see?

april said...

ok, just barely noticed the beaker jibbitz. those are awesome!! and yes tice, do videotape that beaker impersonation. i would love to see that.

Anonymous said...

those are some pimped out shoes.

they should make a show called
'Pimp my shoes'