Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Randam facts about me, by me

1. I hate to hang pictures. It makes me so angry! I'd rather have a blank wall than a crooked picture.

2. I have to have a stack of un-read magazines at my disposal at all times. I start to panic if my stack runs low. Is there such a thing as nomagazineaphobia?

3. I paid a lot of money for a really good view of the entire SLC Punk! valley and I never open my blinds. It's so bright. My eyes! My eyes! And to quote Andrew, "It's so bwight. Mommy, I need my gwasses."

4. I've been ordering the same thing at Wendy's for the last 20 years. Chicken sandwich, ketchup and mayo only. No more, no less. I won't eat it any other way. I've tried other Wendy's cuisine. It's just not the same.

5. I love my jammies. It's an obsession, really. One can never own too many pairs of pajama bottoms. If I could have disposable pj's, I would. Jammies are good. New ones are fantastic.

6. I like the way drug stores smell. I don't know how to pinpoint what the smell is but it feels like home.

7. I love tv. I am no longer ashamed to admit that fact. It's my pastime. It's what I do when I'm home. My kids will remember me on my bed watching tv. And maybe they'll never watch it because of that. When Tice tells me she doesn't have cable, I gasp. I'm shocked. Who could live without it?! Insanity, I tell you.

8. I'm not a psychologist but I have fun dissecting people's thoughts. I've been told by untold amounts of people, 10's of 20's even, that I'm spot on in my diagnoses.

9. Jack from Will and Grace is one of my favorite tv characters. He can say anything and it brings a smile to my face. As he said once, "Nursing is my passion! All my life I've searched for my true calling. And this is it. Nursing! And if you can't support me, you are dead to me! No, not dead, because a nurse takes an oath to prevent death. [TO KAREN] You have cramps that won't go away. [TO WILL] And you have a smattering of adult acne."

10. Chocolate with fruit is against my religion. When people swoon over chocolate dipped fruit, I pretend to think it's nifty. But really, it's not. Chocolate is allowed with nuts, caramel, mint or peanut butter. But fruit with chocolate is never acceptable.


Peter Piper said...

That's some religion you must have, what with the no chocolate and fruit thing. And it's funny you should mention that -I swear I just read something about chocolate and fruit but I can't place where... Oh well. Must not have been that good a read, you know?

As for the jammies - hear hear! All ladies should embrace the jammy bottom. And then stop embracing them and put them back on (much better that way!).

natalie said...

Have I told, you lately, (whispers) that I love you?
Cable and jammies are the glue that holds this girl together! I seriously couldn't live without the E! network! It hurts too much to think about it... Poor Tice doesn't know what's she's missing!
Is it just me or is everyone looking for a Jack in life?
I would take either a Will or a Jack, I'm not picky here.

Grandma Gerri said...

How are you feeling? Any better? I'm sorry I don't have cable either but if I did I would only want the Disney Channel, National Geographic and SciFi. And yes my daughter has turned me into a pajama whore. Is Tice taking good care of you?

Tice said...

@sally - Always fun to learn the minutia of those you love.

@peter piper - I could swear I recently read a fascinating tirade on fruit and desserts and something about pie and whipped cream... which really is good just on it's own if you ask me. Mmm...whipped cream. I wonder if Sally has any in her fridge.

@natalie- I definitely do miss E! True Hollywood story. *sigh*

@gerri - I'm taking fantastic care of her, if I do say so myself.

The Conways said...

Do I need to bring my fondue set up there? Have you tried dipping fresh bananas in warm is AMAZING! I am drooling just thinking about it! Yum! I think we need to try it tomorrow and let you see how yummy it is! I'm excited to see you tomorrow, hope you are feeling okay =)

Lori said...

I'm with Amanda about bananas and chocolate, but all other fruit should stay away.
Chocolate and almonds....I could live on them, and do much of the time!
Sally, the fact that you're stating facts on your blog tells me you're feeling better. Have fun out there. Don't worry about me and Natalie out here all by our lonesomes. We'll mangage somehow!

april said...

i'm with you mostly on chocolate and fruit - although i can do dipped fresh strawberries. i think the key is fresh fruit or none at all. fun to learn some new things about you. if you need pix hung up, just call me (and then buy me a plane ticket to go out there). i actually enjoy that. and might i recommend those new laser thing to make things even. we got one for christmas and they do work (i could bring it with me when you fly me out there, cause i know how you love to pay for plane tickets of people you hardly know.)

april said...

p.s. hope you are feeling better too. tice i do believe you are taking good care of her, as long as you're not making her laugh to much. that can't be good when recovering from a hernia repair.

LuntRunts said...

Warner and I share your love for pjs. He cries when he has to take them off for "normal" clothes.