Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Remembering Jeff & AJ

Today marks the one year annivesary of the Trolley Square shootings in SLC. My brother-in-law Jeff was shot and killed that night. My nephew AJ was severely wounded. I recall watching TV with Jared (my sort-of husband) that evening as the news unfolded. I was at a meeting in downtown Salt Lake that day and almost stopped at Trolley Square for dinner. As we were watching the news we were grateful that I listened to my gut and skipped my dinner out. Little did we know that the Walker family would be changed forever.

What Jeff's life & death taught me: Life certainly is short. Life can be changed in an instant. A tragedy like this can either make a person better or stuck on angry. The Walker family is a forgiving family.

Perhaps this is an odd choice of pictures, but I thought it was the most beautifully haunting picture that was taken by the media:


Lori said...

It's already been a year? Wow! That went by fast.

april said...

thank you for the tribute. i debated all day whether i should write something and after reading this morning determined to publish a post today. i was glad to honor kirsten's memory.

i am sorry for your loss. how is AJ doing? i know his injuries were pretty severe. i haven't gotten a recent update on my former sister-in-law, carolyn. i did visit with her in march and it was humbling. it looked like a shark bit her in the arm. i still don't think she has great use of her arm, but she was able to take her kids to italy this past fall.

thanks again for the nice post. and i do think that pix does justice to what you are remembering.