Monday, February 4, 2008

Way to get kicked off the pity pot

Today I've been doing this and that to get ready for surgery and Tice's arrival tomorrow. I've also been on a bit of a pity pot wondering if the drama in my life is ever going to let up. I know that the chaos of life doesn't stop, that's what life's about. But for pete's sake, can I at least come up for air?

Then I felt bad for feeling bad about my drama. This is common for me to do to myself. I un-allow myself to feel sorry for myself, even for a minute. I go through this self-talk: Get over it! Your life is not that hard. You are blessed in a million ways. You have no right to have a pity moment. Look at your trial as a learning opportunity. You brought this on yourself, by not learning from the last trial you had.

And then, while reading the internet, I ran across a random blog entry on the heirarchy of suffering. Which made me think, maybe I am allowed to have a moment of sadness. Perhaps, the lesson I'm supposed to learn is to give myself a break. Any thoughts out there? And if any of you make jokes about the talking to myself or the voices, so help me.....


natalie said...

We are all entitled to a pity party every once in awhile.
True, there are thousands of people that are suffering in more ways than we are, but that doesn't mean our trials are any less important. Especially in our Heavenly Father's eyes.
Pity it up every now and then I say!

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ps... You better call me to let me now how the surgery went! Don't make me call my Mom over there, ya hear me?

Lori said...