Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby boogers and the horrible monster RSV

I get paid to play in boogers. As I've said before, I work at a kiddie hospital in SLC punk! where RSV runs rampant this time of year. If you aren't familiar with the pathophysiology of RSV check is out here. The short version is that RSV is a virus that causes very thick, pasty boogers. These yucky boogies can clog up an infant or toddler's airway. There isn't any situation where clogging one's airway is a good situation to be in.

Therefore, as a nurse, the priority with the patient is to keep the airway open. How do we keep the airway open? We clean the boogies out. We put a tube attached to a vacuum down the patient's nose into the throat and suck out the boogies. The dance goes like this:
  • Kid screams.
  • Slurp, slurp, clog, slurp.
  • Kid gags.
  • Slurp, slurp, clog, slurp.
  • Repeat.
Eww, gross right? Wrong! It's fantastic and disgusting at the same time. Disgusting goes without explaining. Fantastic because you get immediate positive results. They can breathe easier! Isn't it great?


Tice said...

I'm all for cleaning out the boogies. We've been fortunate enough *knock on wood* to avoid RSV altogether but I've suctioned my kids plenty enough to know that they hate it. And, yet, because I want them to breathe I do it anyway.

natalie said...

what Tice said. I loved the bulb syringe. I wish I could still get one to work when Clee gets sick. His nose gets layers of crusties inside and out, and won't let anyone near it. It gets pretty bad.
Any suggestions?

Lori said...

To Natalie-humidifier, steam bath, make him sneeze it out. Ew, gross!

april said...

i can see how that can be disgusting yet gratifying at the same time. i like being able to get out gunk.

Amanda said...

I think this is many children die from it? Scary...but thanks to you I am pro at cleaning Kalil's nose now...close one nostril and I get SO much more...yea! (If I can hold her down)