Monday, March 24, 2008

Been takin' my baby for granted

I love my car. I shouldn't be so materialistic. My accountant says I should be more practical. But I can't help it. Here she is. (Except my girl's black-my car, not my accountant). Her name is Gia. I don't bathe and vacuum her like I should. I do see to her scheduled maintenance though. But now she has a bit of a cold. The 'maintenance required' light has been coming on. She makes a moaning noice when I turn her on and she's cold. She had to stay at the car hospital overnight for some tests. So, I'm driving a rental.

I remember when driving a rental meant driving a car that was better than my car. Kind of a treat. My rental car is ok. She certainly is practical. (Wink at Tice.) She's so practical that she has manual locks and roll down windows. I didn't know they came that was anymore. Man am I spoiled. Her name shall be Eunice.

But listen. I've done my time driving hoopties. Husband 1 of 2 was a mechanic's son. So we drove one beater after the next. Here's a couple of all time winners: the 1975 Datsun B210 and the 1966 Ford LTD. There was also the mini-van with the busted window on the driver's side and I had to open the door at drive-up windows. It also seemed to be a prerequisite for our cars to have a broken gas guages rendering me many a time on the side of the road with two babies and no cell phone. Good times.

I miss you Gia. You are go'geous. Come back to me soon, you sweet thang.

p.s. Two thumbs up to Carmax for selling me Gia. It actually was a good experience. And I loathe car salesmen. Carmax made the process relativley painless and they didn't jerk me around. Who knew?


natalie said...

I hope she gets well soon! Uh, I can't believe you're actually driving that piece (of work?) some call a vehicle in the mean time. It's all good.

Trent and Amelia said...

I havent seen your acura. Is it new? I really like it!! The silver picture on wikipedia reminds me of your rav 4. When did you get rid of it?
Thanks for the advice on CarMax, I hate car sales people too... really anyone who is trying to sell me anything and is pushy about it.

Tice said...

Well, as your accountant, I still maintain that it's not the car that's impractical. It's the car payment that I find highly impractical.

And I get it. You had to drive hoopties. Here's what you are saying, "Oh, poor me. I had a husband who knew how to fix cars so I never had to pay very much for one. And I never had to deal with car payments. Poor me."


CarMaxChris said...

My name is Chris and I am the social media PR guy at the CarMax home office. Google Alerts notified me of your blog posting mentioning us. I love to read blogs from happy customers! I’m glad you have enjoyed your CarMax car, and thanks for the super hyperlink to the Web site! I hope you tell all your friends to visit CarMax!

Peter Piper said...

Ah, poor Eunice. She's cheap, not that attractive, yet she's still giving rides all over town. Pretty soon she'll be all used up from the abuse of being ridden so much.

If only she's stayed in medical school and became an ambulance like her parents always wanted for her.

@carmaxchris: umm... did you read the post, buddy? "I hope you tell all your friends to visit CarMax!" Mission accomplished, dude. WMDs located and neutralized. Man takes his job kinda serious-like, don't you think?

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

@Amelia: I bought Gia in August (back when I got rid of everything and got new everything in an attempt to run away from my problems:)

@Tice: Don't you remember how husband 1 of 2 thought he could fix eveything? I rest my case.