Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The bi-polar ogre ate Andrea!

Last May I lost a fantastic friend. She surrendered after a long battle with bi-polar disorder and alcoholism. Andrea (and her wife, Lisa) entered my life at the perfect moment.

Early 2002: I didn't like Andrea at first. She had attitude, I had attitude in return. She was sooooo not a girl I'd be friends with. She said the same about me. We tolerated each other because we worked together daily. She was curt. I was curt in return. There also was the Lisa factor. And I really didn't know what to think of Lisa. Or as I like to call her, Lisa June. (Hey girl, what's up?!?)

I can't remember an exact turning point when Andrea and I became friends. I know I was engaged to husband 2 of 2. He came in to work to visit me. Andrea was work's gatekeeper so the two of them chatted. Andrea grew to really liking husband 2 of 2. That was saying a lot as Andrea frequently spoke of her vehement disdain for the male species. We began talking about relationships and the crazy great old peeps we worked with (we worked in an assisted living). And POOF! Our friendship was born.

She's hysterical. Quick witted. Sharp. Coined many a catch phrase in her time. One of my most memorable moments was when I told her that husband 2 of 2's illness was proof that God hates me. She punched me in the arm and told me to never say that again.

But ooh wee girl had demons. When she was up, she was oh so up. But when she was down a black cloud hung over her head. She was in her cave and there was no pulling her out. Just had to wait.

I keep having dreams about Andrea. I think she's watching over me. She tries to tell me something in these dreams. I think she is trying to say that everything will be ok. I hope she's found some peace. And I hope she's keeping the hereafter in stitches.


Tice said...

I've enjoyed her catch phrases on many occasions myself. And I'm glad she was the friend you needed.

natalie said...

Maybe she appears in your dreams just to let you know your not alone.

Lori said...

I'm glad she turned into a good friend. Looks like she's still there for you.

Peter Piper said...

Are any of those catch phrases repeatable? Do tell.

I've been having all sorts of dreams lately, too. But in mine, the person I'm seeing is always so very mad at me. I'd rather have someone watching over me.