Friday, March 21, 2008

For the computer nerd

I backed-up my laptop today for the first time, evah (shameful, I know). Thanks to stoopid Dell computers and retarded Windows Vista (boo!!) my computer has crashed thrice leaving me sans my pics and I-tunes, which is most unfortunate.

My question is this, how does a computer that is backed-up within itself actually get backed-up? I thought one had to back-up their hard drive to an external something-or-rather. Am I mistaken?

p.s. Don't lecture me about PC vs. Mac. I already know that the latter is far superior. Husband 1 of 2 lamented about the PC way often. I shall repent and get a Mac next time. (Like when the MacBook air comes in fashion colors!) For now, I'm stuck with this Dell POS.

Hee hee, I said backed-up a lot and I didn't mean being constipated.


Peter Piper said...

You're right - unless you're putting your data on some other device (redundancy, baby!) you're not really backed up. Walk - no RUN - to somewhere where they sell external hard drives and plunk down some cash for one. Staples sometimes has a deal on drives. Costco, too.

How big do you need? First tell us how big the drive in the laptop is. (but you should be able to buy a 250 or 300 GB drive for a song, which would cover a laptop more than enough)

Oh, and the Mac/PC conversation in this case is always a red herring: hardware dies. It happens to Macs and PCs (though it's true the Mac software is far less likely to eat your data 'just cuz'). All computers need to be backed up to a separate device unless you just don't care about the data at all.

natalie said...

Get an external hard drive, you'd be safer. I wouldn't trust your Dell to do anything.

Trent and Amelia said...

I have been in the market for buying an external harddrive for just over a year now it is quite frustrating because the prices have stayed the same. Last year, I thought for sure they would be cheaper towards the end of summer (it technology after all) but of course they are the exact same price today. I hear Western Digital is a good brand and Office Max has a 500 gigiwhatever one for $129. It looks like you could get a smaller one like 320 gigawhatevers but it won’t save you that much money... let me know if you find a good deal- I still need /want one.

Tice said...

Hmmm...this has me assuming I need to buy one of these external devices as well.

Lori said...

I like my DELL!

Lori said...

It looks like I still need an invite to go on the girl's blog!
I'm W-A-I-T-I-N-G!

Peter Piper said...

You'll just have to keep waiting, Lori - I'm pretty sure Sally doesn't even read her comments.:)

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

@pp:A)I soooo read my comments! I live for them! I chuckle in my head and then forget to quip back. I'll try harder.
B)Thanks for the external hard drive info. It'll be a while as Tice is my accountant and she's tough to clear a purchase with!

@Lori:A)I need you to email me from the email you use on blogger please.
B)If your Dell had crashed thrice you'd be peeved as well.

Cenversations with their techs go something like this: Thank you for calling Dell computers. Bunga, bunga. My name is Mike Ahmed Syed. Velcome to the quickie mart. I'm apologize for inconvenience of losing everything on your laptop. Can I verify your address and telephone number before proceeding?

Peter Piper said...

Proving once again that it usually only takes just a touch of antagonism to get someone to respond to a comment. ;)

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

@pp: Sheesh Louish! Who peed on your poptart this evening?

Lori said...

Your conversation with the quickie mart guy did bring up a smothered memory from when I was trying to get my laptop setup. Yes, it was a frustrating conversation. So, I concur. I love my laptop, though, and as long as I keep praising it maybe it won't crash on me!

I'm sending you my email.

Peter Piper said...

I can assure you that no one has defecated, urinated, or otherwise evacuated any such body bit on any of my junk food this evening.

It's been a solid week since that last happened.

I just crave validation. Or at least that's what the other people in my head are telling me to say.