Friday, March 7, 2008

Nat's list

Some answers to Nat's questions:

2. What was the most favorite hair color you've ever had? Mine was when you colored it Ronald McDonald red! Best hair job evah

I have an inclination to drastically change my hair color and or style whilst amid an emotional crisis. My fav was indeed the Ronald McDonald red. What made is even more special was the lesbian-esque man-hating shortest hair possible that went along with that look. Special. When I sought out a professional to assist in returning to my natural color, this loverly red went to peach for about a week. It was truly awful.

I am in emotional crisis now and am steering clear of the hair color aisle.

4. Pink or purple? Girl better say pink or I'ma comin' over!!!

Purple. Are you on your way yet? I need some company!

5.What song should we do for our hip musac (yes, I know i spelt music wrong- I ain't no fo yo!) vid?

How about Low by Flo Rida. You can wear the apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur. Tice can wear the baggy sweatpants and the Reeboks with the strap. What ya think?

6. Have you ever played cops and robbers in your birfday suit?

I can't say I have. Most unfortunate. Last husband was broken, remember?

7. What's your favorite day of the year and why?

When daylight savings time ends, because you get an extra hour that day. I love the dusk and dark. I also love fall.

8. What do you do to vent anger?

I cry like a little girl. And I hate that I cry. I think it looks weak.

9. The Office U.S or The Office U.K?

I can't give an intelligent opinion as I've only seen the US version. Sad, I know.

11. Who's cover was better, Nicole or Christina?

Christina. I think she's prettier. Too skinny too fast though.

#1,3 and 10 to come.....


Peter Piper said...

wow - you're moving through these fast.

Tice said...

I think that song is a definite contender. What say ye, Nat?

Amanda said...

I remember the red...loved the red...learned some valuable life lessons when you went red! I knew you would say purple...Sally has always been a purple gal.

natalie said...

@2. You did have the lesbian-esque thing going on didn't you. I never thought about that. Ronald Red's awesome!
@4. Um, can you wait until July?
@5. and @ Tice- Low by Flo Rida would be divine!
@6. I can't say I have either. If someone out there in bloggy world has, let us know how it went- just kidding, I'm sure I can speak for everyone else and say keep that adventure to jo self!
@7. You strike me as a fall gal.
@8. Looking weak when you cry? I think that depends on who you ask.
@9. The Office UK is alright, but it can never compete with our beautiful Jim and dorky Dwight. USA, USA!
@11. If I was getting paid a bajillion dollars for my cover, I would have the lipo done in the delivery room too! You know I'm all for the lipo!

natalie said...

@ Lori- shall I make you a list now?

Lori said...

Hit me with the list!