Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quote of the day

While speaking to Tice, she said:
"So you know how I pimp myself out for money, right?"
I don't recall the rest of the conversation.

Of course it was in jest.


lecherous old dood said...

"jest" - riiiiggghhhhhttttt.


natalie said...

What be pimps too?

Peter Piper said...

Come on, lecherous old dood - she says her sister doesn't really pimp herself out for money and we gotta respect that.

Glad to see your kids didn't steal all your blogging mojo, Sally.

Tice said...

@ lecherous old dood - *wink* *wink*

@ nat- Come again?

@ peter piper - I'm glad the kids didn't steal all of her mojo as well.