Saturday, March 8, 2008

taking hostage of the blog: Post by k-mac

Here are some poses of me, k-mac, while my mom took the pictures.


natalie said...

@K-Mac- Love the polka dot cardigan purdy lady!
@ Sally- yea, it's safe to say your the mother of this particular child. It's stunning how much she looks like you!
@K-Mac again- That's a good thing missy!

chaffinclan said...

Ditto to what Nat said on the cardi. You're lookin' fine, Miss K-Mac. Ju look just like yo momma. Loving all your poses. I vote you make a cameo in mine and Nat's upcoming music video. What say ye?

chaffinclan said...

And where are the hammy photos of Miss Ru? Was she not taking part in such nonsense?

Lori said...

She does look like her mama, she does, she does!