Monday, March 3, 2008

Too flawed?

Today is a wee bit better. Here's what's on my mind.

Pretty soon I will officially be a single gal. Again. And that's ok, right?

So why is it so lonely? I don't mind being alone, but I hate being lonely. I know, makes no sense. Especially when I have all my devoted blogglicious fans. Y'all are fantastic! Really, I mean it. I'm not one who gives out unwarranted flattery. Not my style. So what's my problem? Or is the grass just proverbially greener no matter the circumstances?

Why is being married so difficult for me? Do I pick 'em poorly? Or is it me that's the problem? Are my expectations too high? Perhaps I'm too demanding. Hard to live with. Too crazy. Bad with money. Too chubby. Too inconsistant. Too selfish. Too messy. Too moody. Too self deprecating.

Perhaps. Or not. Everyone has character flaws.

Relationships are just really hard. Anyone have the secret to the perfect relationship?


Tice said...

So many questions, my brain is spinning. But I'll just answer that last one: nope.

natalie said...

Perhaps you're too fabulous?
Girl pa-lease! No has a perfect marriage. The people who tell you they do are all liars! LIARS I TELL YOU!
Look on the bright side, being single again means you can paste 8 x 10 glossies of Orlando Bloom and Hayden Christiansen all over your walls! KLASSY! I joke of course...

Peter Piper said...

I'm with Tice on that last one: nope. No way. Nada. Nunca. Non. Nein. Não.

april said...

the secret is being married to me, but unfortunately i'm already taken. (I'M KIDDING EVERYONE!) obviously no one has a perfect relationship, but i have found being married to a very patient man helps. i do recommend taking some time off from men and enjoy being you! (in case tice hasn't warned you, i love giving advice.)

chaffinclan said...

I'm with April. I don't think you've had a vacation from men in...a long, long time. Time to focus on you.