Friday, March 7, 2008

Where did my blog mojo go?

I'm having writer's block. Any ideas?


Peter Piper said...

It's going around I hear.

natalie said...

Here are a few ideas...
1. Why don't you take some pictures of our apartment, and give me a virtual tour!!! Hello? I've been asking to do that for quite some time.
2. What was the most favorite hair color you've ever had? Mine was when you colored it Ronald McDonald red! Best hair job evah!
3. Enlighten us with your ghostly knowledge.
4. Pink or purple? Girl better say pink or I'ma comin' over!!!
5.What song should we do for our hip musac (yes, I know i spelt music wrong- I ain't no fo yo!) vid?
6. Have you ever played cops and robbers in your birfday suit?
7. What's your favorite day of the year and why?
8. What do you do to vent anger?
9. The Office U.S or The Office U.K?
10. Create a top ten list of at opic o' choice.
11. Who's cover was better, Nicole or Christina?

This should keep you busy, no?

Tice said...

I think Natalie's got it covered. I eagerly await your responses to these questions.

april said...

ditto to what tice said. way to inspire, nat!

april said...

p.s. @natalie - i love how i always call you nat in these comments but never in person. i must be a lazy typist (oh, excuse me, keyboarder!).

Grandma Gerri said...

Some of these questions sound familiar why is that?

natalie said...

Response to my Mama's comment- 3 of the questions were from an email I received from my Mama a few days ago. I'll give her the due credit when she deserves it.