Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me and my nurse ADD

I've invented a new mental disorder henceforth known as nurse ADD. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was knee high to a pig's eye and when my graduation came (nearly 18 months ago) I wanted to try every type of nursing. I started with the old peeps in an assisted living. Then, after 8 months and feeling as though I had conquered geriatrics, I moved to the children's medical unit at the kiddie hospital in SLC punk! I've been here nine months. And I love it. But.....I still want to try more. I had accepted a part-time pediatric intensive care unit position here at the hospital but then.... an opportunity the be a summer camp nurse for kiddies with cancer and other immuno-deficient disorders called the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in presented itself. What's even more fantastic-er is that the camp is 20 miles or so from my parents in Connecticut!!! Yippee skippy! In between camp sessions I can go visit the fam. And, even better, my little ladies come go out to good ol' Connecticoot every year for several weeks so they'll be around too.

Me pappy would say I need to stay put and build a solid resume. I say with the nursing shortage I don't believe I need to be that strict with myself. I need to sew my wild nurse oats before I become a cranky old nurse who's set in her ways. What say ye blog fans?


chaffinclan said...

I see how it is. Don't even mention that it's also only twenty miles from me and my fantastic self. I suppose it goes without saying that you'll be near me and all my terrific-ness.

We (Natalie and I) can't wait to have fun adventures here in Connecticoot with you.

Viva la nursing shortage!

Toscaredtowritemyname said...

so is "knee high in the pig's eye"
cool now.dat's whats up
its so ...jiggy with it man.

fo shizzle .

Sally Sirmans (Walker?) said...

@toscaredtowritemyname: Why ya so scared, we're all friends around here:)