Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Bloopers:Part 2


It took blogger 38 hours to process this video. Grrr. Throws off my comedic timing. Grrr.


natalie said...

Ah the ladies please once again! Love the bench in your living room, I really need to come see your apartment.
And yes... I'm still diggin' the side ponytail! It's awesome!

Peter Piper said...

and 50 cents? You had me up to the 50 cents. Gouging, I say - gouging!

Tice said...

38 hours? Gurl you need to use onetruemedia. And I think the rest of blogland needs to see the finished product. What say ye?

Kim and Stace said...

You know, Candace makes and tapes pretend commercials too...pretty hilarious! Yall should do that when she comes to visit! And then post it:)