Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First day jitters

Howdy all. Tice here. You know, Sally's (incredibly funny and adorable) little sister. I'm filling in for Sally today as she is much too busy for the likes of any of you. I joke, of course. Well, sort of. She started her first day at her new job. For those of you unaware, Sall-ally is a Registered Nurse. And, as such, she is highly sought after. What with the massive shortage of nurses in our nation's healthcare system.

Back to the matter at hand. She's a rather adventurous nurse. Always wanting to try something new and different. Learn as much as she can about her field of expertise. So she took on a job as a nurse at a camp right in Connecticut. Actually right next door to the church we attended when our family first moved to the land of the Yankees. (Not the baseball team. That's just the term us southerners like to use to describe anyone who lives above the Mason-Dixon line.)

Today, our mom and I had the priviledge of taking Sally to camp. Her first day at camp. I felt like I was dropping off one of my children on their first day of school. We got lost 'cause we couldn't figure out where to go. We had to meet new people. And we even got to help Sally set up her room. (ps and hint, hint- She could use some room decor. K-Mac and Ru, I'm talking to you two. Make your mother some pictures to hang on her wall. Pronto!)

With that, I send all of you, her faithful blog readers, Sally's warmest wishes. She'll be back either when she finds a working computer, when she has a day off, or when she makes me do another post for her. Until then, toodle-oo.


Lori said...

Wow, I'm hardly ever the first to make a comment! I hope the camp is what you thought. I've been thinking about you. Talk to you soon.
@Tice - your such a nice sister to do her blog!

natalie said...

Have at camp Sally!

natalie said...

oops. What I meant to say was "have FUN at camp Sally!"