Sunday, June 1, 2008

Camp Update

Evenin' folks. Tice here. I was summoned by Sally to do a post on this here blog. Here's a list of things she would like you to know about her life at camp.

  • They sing at camp...a lot. In fact, there's a song she wants to teach me (and Natalie). Some camp song about fast food joints. She couldn't remember all the words but it has hand motions and everything. Awesome.
  • Speaking of singing, the whole camp has been taught a song about Sally Walker. You know the one. (Actually, I didn't know it until she taught it to me. Apparently it's been around a while.) It goes a little something like this: "Little Sally Walker walkin' down the street. She didn't know what to do so she walked up next to me. I said, 'Hey girl, do your thang, do your thang, do your thang. Hey girl, do your thang, do your thang, Stop.'" Inneresting. Very inneresting. I believe Sally will not be amused with this song by the end of the summer.
  • She has to ask permission to leave camp. And each time she leaves, she's reminded that it's against camp policy for her to come back drunk.
  • She doesn't have a TV in her room. For those of you who know our Sally well, know that this is a most unfortunate circumstance.
  • Part of her job is to do an overnighter once a a tent. Hee hee. Sally hates camping. Hates it. Hates it. In fact, she doesn't care for the out of doors. Should be an interesting summer for her.

When I hear from her next, I shall ask her what I forgot to put on this here list. Until then, ciao.


natalie said...

- It sounds like one heck of a good time (@ Elaine, please excuse my swears). Can't wait for the video montage.
- I love the Sally Walker song. There's gonna be a lot of me singing "Hey girl, do yo thang, stop" this summer... excellent...
- The camp's right you know, it would be unfortunate if she came back drunk without their permission.
- Que?! No TV in her bedroom!!! That's insane!!!
- Ha, ha. tents are evil.

Lori said...

I remember Sally at girl's camp and it wasn't so pretty. Tents are dangerous things, not quite up Sally's ally! No TV! What on earth! And the song...yeah, she's gonna be hatin' it come summer's end!

@ Nat: What are ya thinking, swearing like that?

natalie said...

and the Weeennndy's, the Weeenndy's.