Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fancy Sweats

Some background to a conversation I had with Ru:

Ru plays the cello in her school orchestra.

Viva la music department still alive in public school!

She had an orchestra concert last night and is was fantastic. (I know, right? I braced myself for off tune shrieks from the some 50 string instruments....but it was soooo good.)

Ru: "Mom, my concert is a 7pm on Tuesday. You need to be on time."
Me: "I will be there early, I will be with Grammy and Papa after all."
Ru: "Also, Mom?" <hesitantly> "You need to look nice and wear real pants. You don't have to dress like you do for church or anything, but you can't wear your fancy sweats."

Oh dear. I have sunk to a new low, I guess. But I love, love, love my fancee sweats!


Peter Piper said...

That sounds oddly familiar…

Lori said...

Fancy sweats can be dressed up with a nice sweater or coat, no?

Sally Sirmans said...

@ Lori: Right?!?
Not according to bossy Ru.

natalie said...

Fancy sweats can be worn anywhere... You should have dressed them up with a fancy holiday sweater vest, than I'm sure Ru would have been pleased. :D

Tice said...

No fancee sweats?! What is the world coming to?

kelly said...

lol again! yeah she was telling me about that. she said she HAD to call you to tell you that you couldn't wear your sweats! i just laughed!