Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Ode to Natalie

I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with Natalie and Fiel and family last week. That family is as cute as they can be. I could tell you how fantastic the whole bunch is. I could go on and on about Fiel's fantastic computer fix-it skillz and how he ressurected my dead computer. Or how I got to be the object of Clee's affection for a night (which I highly recommend should you ever be his chosen one). Instead I want to sing a little love song about my admiration for Natalie.

(Sung in key of G)

There once was a hawt blond girl.
Her name was Nat-A-Lie.
Fiel chose her as his wife.
She's as cute as she could be....

Uh nevermind, I'll leave the poem/song writing to Lori.

I want to induct Natalie into the Sirmans' sisters hall of fame. Anyone second that motion? She was dealt a challenging hand in the parenting department. She is a fantastic mom and wife.
p.s Natalie edited this picture, NOT me. It is funny though.


tice said...

Ooh I second that motion.

natalie said...

Me too! I am awesome, no? Gurl, you're makin' muh eyes all weepie.... sniff, sniff. I loved hanging out with you and your crew! You need to move to the dirty south. Come on, then! Hurry up!

Lori said...

WHAT! We haven't already inducted her! Shame on us! I third the motion!

Lori said...

Oh, and GOSH Sally, thanks for the poem praise. But...yours was good....truly!