Sunday, April 12, 2009

Laurel's Spring Orchestra Performance

Laurel and cello (I have named him Maurice)
Laurel smiling with Maurice
Laurel smiling with me
Kelly smiling with me

Amelia hungry.  She brought her own soup but forgot a spoon.  Sad face.


Trent and Amelia said...

I think you forgot to mention how blow-you-off-your-seat-amazing the concert was! Thanks so much for inviting me, I really enjoyed chatting with you and listening to Laurel perform.

Trent and Amelia said...

OH, and its a good thing you had a spare lara bar with you cause that whole eating soup with out a spoon things wasnt working for me. the bar was fantastic, thanks for sharing.
after previewing that photo I should have asked for a retake, I had a feeling it might have ended up on the 'ol blog. oh well.

Tice said...

Ha. First of all, loving the name Maurice. Secondly, Laurel looks just like Kevin in the second picture. Third, enjoying Amelia's random soup in a concert. You know I love random.

ps- Question: Did Laurel trim her own bangs recently?

Sally Sirmans said...

@Amelia: You look cute in any picture, so shhhhhh. And the concert was amazing. Thanks for going with me!

@Tice: Yes, she does look just like her Daddy in the second picture and no she didn't just cut her own bangs....he did. Oops.

natalie said...

I love that boy in the background, he is so suave. Bow ties are awesome and hilarious.
Cello (cello instead of hello. ha), Laurel and Maurice look like quite the duo.

natalie said...

Yea, so 'member when I said suave boy had a bow tie? Upon further investigation that bow tie was noth but Laurel's hair bow. sad face. He looks like the type that would wear a bow tie...

ps: Amelia, that soup look good, girl.