Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kelly the Future Family Seamstress (watch out Lori!)

Recently me and m'ladies made a trip to the Wal-Mart (aka the great and abominable church). As many of you may know the Wal-Mart usually has a fabric section. Kelly and fabric (or anything crafty) is like a moth to a flame. Upon finding her perfect fabric she stated that she was going to make a skirt. We waited, for a lengthy amount of time, for a fabric employee to cut the fabric. I got irritated and cut the fabric myself. At the checkout line the manager wouldn't accept my cut fabric without remeasuring. Grrr. I snapped at them about needing to have an employee available in less than 20 minutes then. As a punishment they charged me for 1/16 more of a yard than I cut. So passive aggressive. Anywho I digress.

The above picture is the completed project. Keep in mind that she completed the skirt in one afternoon. Without a pattern. Please note the bow on the hip. She was so supposed to be Lori's child.


tice said...

She's simply amazing with her mad krafty skillz.

april said...

and kylie was suppose to be your child. so who secretly bore tice's child? (although ellie is pretty good at being a mini-tice - minus the high heeled shoes.)

anyhoo, sorry i have been stopping by your blog much lately. tice told me that you loved "death at a funeral." can i just tell you how much that makes me love you? pat and i had tears streaming down our face at points in that movie.

anyhoo, i will send you a pic of jake in his pea coat as soon as i remember to have tice re-tell me your email. (i know it's easy - i just forgot what she said).


natalie said...

I do love her. She's so crafty! And she does have the curly hair like Lori... Makes you think, don't it? :)

Cindy said...

Seamstresses unite! Go Kelly, the skirt looks awesome.

Elaine said...

Kelly, the skirt is marvelous and you are so pretty wearing it!