Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey y'all

Tice here. Guest posting since Sally is busy with all her cute campers. She doesn't even know I'm here.'ll be our secret.

I dropped Sally off at camp on Sunday. She called to inform me that they wanted her to stay an extra week to entertain them. I felt it my wifely duty, of course, to shoot that idea down and tell her that my needs come first. And my needs are aplenty since I require her help in driving from here to there and everywhere in between.

I spoke with Miss K-mac on the phone the other day. I'm looking forward to having her help me hone in on my sewing skills since I can't put my mad painting skillz to use in my new apartment. She's so creative, that one.

I have *not* spoken with Miss Ru but to my knowledge she's ok with me moving near her madre so long as she gets to claim her rightful spot on the bed when she's visiting. She's too cute, that one. And so in lurve with her mommy. Well, who isn't, I ask you.

That's all I has for today, folks. Stay tuned as I may decide to do another of these guest posts. I'm kind of missing my blog a little.

ps- Head over to Lori's blog to read my thoughts on her graduate class [I sat in on it last night.] and her living room paint colors. I know. I know. The suspense is killing you. You're sitting on the edge of your seats. Yada, yada.

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natalie said...

I can't believe this move is really happening!! Gosh. wowee!!
Way to be the wife by slapping the dream in the face, girl! :)